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Arctic Arts Summit daghäy. Dän ákandür äleshujel , äłeshedàl ke, shäwthän k’eghanda ghakuje sį.

The Canadian Council for the Arts, ki ghanada, ghakuje, shį, kwänlin yu June 27-29 2022.

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Goals?  2022 jų  K’akuth’u shį.  2022 Arctic Arts Summit ki ye shäwthän ädet’s udlà shi, nu’usat k’e.  2022 Arctic Arts Summit  Shäw k’e Kule shį ulą Kule däw Arctic Arts Summit K’e kule däw.

2022 Arctic Arts Summit zhän k’e edda jel, shäwthän adsedu ye däw.  Arts and Culture ye, kwäk’u ke ye ghà nda.

Kwäk’u dän kyakutän shį dän adègha shäw kenuthi däw, dà keyi yu.

2022 Arctic Arts Summit Connection to the land ghànda. Ghakekųje shį nän, däknkwinji, dàk’e, ma ghayach’äw self determination, indigenization and decolonization.

Ju ts’eį Ts’eį.

Utkay dän äłeyeadèsedeyè shäw nakena

Chįch’ą  jų kwä’ą: 

  • Environment
  • Sustainability
  • ädų kwadadhät
  • Tsuts’i :  kwätsi, sharing artistic, production
  • Ghàkwinje: Institutions and ethics
  • Engagements
  • Education
  • Policy
  • Protocol
  • Repatriation
  • Circumpolar, collaboration, cooperation and mobility

While the Canada Council for the Arts and the Government of Yukon are the lead coordinators, many organizations and individuals are involved in making the 2022 Arctic Arts Summit a success.

Visit the About page for a full list of the partners and collaborators.  For all the latest updates please sign up to our Newsletter.

Łlel gà (online)

Tłelga, 2022 Arctic Arts Summit ukonnta, ye ghàndà äch’e yu. 2022 Arctic Arts Summit Tłelga yu ukannit. Nidhun ch’e ayet tłelga kwinje.

Udäw nakwinudhet ch’e. The Inuit Art Foundation are acting as editors of the Summit’s digital platform. Stakeholders can request information on how to propose content at [email protected].

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Summit Yu 

The 2022 Arctic Arts Summit  yu dän ghàdutthè shį June 27-29 2022 Kwänlin Yukon, yu. Dän makennįdun ghàdutth’i shį. Ma ts’edikut äyet kunjè shį Arctic Arts Summit. mà kįyennłį uch’e shį dazhäw kwats’an dan ye Circumpolar Indigenous Peoples. Gwich’in shį kidäw nakinudhet ch’e.

Note, however, that artists are invited to apply to participate in the 2022 Adäka Cultural Festival.

Some public events are being planned to take place around the in-person Summit. These will take place in Whitehorse, Yukon. 

Dän ts’an nànje

Ak’a äyu dän dats’an. Nuji Kannita. Dän kànita ch’e nets’edunį shį.

Màts’an Kuts’unji 2022 Arctic Arts Summit ghanda 

  • Mànda Arctic Arts Summit ye ädesedlà
  • Ye ghanda ach’e kannta  (Artist) Üghanda nanndhat
  • Awareness
  • Conversation
  • Build Capacity in Arctic and Northern arts and culture
  • Kwäshäw Uganda kwinjè
  • Dän ye, Northern Voices
  • Ghànà kwinje North for the North Ghay kwäch’i Circumpolar region ghanda

Digital Platform Däw

Ayet Inuit Art Foundation keyenji dakwäni yu.

Dän [email protected] yu kedukat ch’e.

For the in-person Summit

Dän 2022 Arctic Arts Summit nedūkàt shį Dazhäw Contact us here u dàts’an kųji ch’e.

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The 2022 Arctic Arts Summit Kiyenji Ka ákàndür Circumpolar region kwinje nàkit’ur.

Ye kighànda kwinje utłay dän zhäw English ye French, ghakwije.  Kwäku Keyi yu inuktut ghàkwije yu.

Dazhäw Yukon yu Southern Tutchone gha kwįje. Ye ghànda ghake kwiji ni kwinj k’e kedu ni shį. Uyets’nji outlay dän English na ghàkwije yu kà shäwthän kijenntth’a.

Aghay. Gàshäw kwändür gha’ich’e äłekè nàts’itü äkandür dän däw.

Connection to land, territories, histories, and cultures are fundamental to our sense of who we are as peoples and societies. We honour this connection and commit to our shared journey of conciliation as we work to build an equitable, sustainable, just, and collaborative future for all.

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Thank you for your interest in supporting an artist featured on our website. While we cannot help you connect with the artist directly we invite you to use search engine tools to connect with them on social media or to connect with the editors at Inuit Arts Foundation to learn more [email protected].

Shäwnithän artist Ts’än nannji yu.  aju artist zha tsan kuje ch’e Arctic Arts Summit 

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Dän summit Ts’an dàndal, delegation head ts’än kuje ch’e email ye, contacts us page yu. send an email through the Contact page.

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