Theatre in the Bush

Tuesday, June 28 at 10 p.m. to 12 a.m.

15 km South of Whitehorse, shuttle service will be available.

Shuttles begin boarding at 9 p.m.

Please be advised that this event is for Delegates Only. Limited seating— Delegates may Register to this event at the Summit’s registration table on June 27th, 2022

The boreal forest, a glowing campfire, the blazing midnight sun and seven adventurous performers are a few of the ingredients that create the magic of Theatre in the Bush. Conceived by Ramshackle Theatre artistic director, Brian Fidler, and set on his acreage south of Whitehorse off the Alaska Highway, Theatre in the Bush is brimming with folksy Yukon charm.

Over its 12 seasons, Theatre in the Bush has welcomed around 2,000 audience members to experience a memorable evening that marries a walk in the woods with intimate and innovative performances.

“ We’ve got the audience outside of the black box of the theatre, so we don’t want to put them back into that black box.” – Brian Fidler, Theatre in the Bush, Creator

In the week leading up to the performance, each participating artist picks a location on Fidler’s property from a hat. From there, they develop a 10-minute performance to take place at—and be inspired by— that location. On the evening of the performances, after being welcomed at the campfire, guides fan out with small groups of guests to visit each of the performance sites and take in the magic. This special presentation of Theatre in the Bush has been programmed by Summit Artistic Producer, Reneltta Arluk, and will feature artists from the circumpolar region.

Theatre in the Bush creates the opportunity for the Arctic Arts Summit to engage in quintessential Yukon theatre with its land-based, performance-based works. Ramshackle Theatre is a distinctive way for circumpolar artists to collaborate and build a production that reflects the nature of what this Summit celebrates.” – Reneltta Arluk, Summit Artistic Producer

Delegates may register to this event upon their arrival
at the Summit’s registration table on
June 27th, 2022, between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

What to Know Before You Go

The show is outdoors – dress for the weather in layers to keep warm and dry.

Wear comfortable footwear suitable for walking on forest trails.

Bring your spirit of adventure – the performances will suit a variety of tastes.

Theatre in the Bush Artists


Nordting – The Northern Assembly (Norway)

Main performers: Amund Sjølie Sveen, Erik Stifjell

Dancer Collaborating with Nordting:  Emily Solstice Tait

Emily’s Solstice Tait’s practice is rooted in contemporary dance but happily crosses into theatre, stage management and film. She is of mixed settler and Ojibway ancestry (Berens River First Nation). Her dances have been performed at The Manitoba Museum, The Forks National Historic Site, and along the shores of Lake Winnipeg. Select performances include The War Being Waged (Prairie Theatre Exchange), Actualize (Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers), moi, suel·e (Théâtre Cercle Molière), Confluence (Raven Spirit Dance) and The___ Place video with CBC Arts.



Kelly Vittrekwa

Mixence Gold   

Gin St Syn 

Kevin Barr

Brian Fidler

Erica Dee Mah


Stephen Qacung Blanchett

Emily Johnson