Responses from Knowledge Creators Next


ᐃᓗᓕᖏᑦ ᐱᔭᐅᔪᓐᓇᖅᑐᖅ ᖃᓪᓗᓇᑎᑐᑦ ᑭᓯᐊᓂ

A photograph of a piece of cardboard with whale blubber and dried caribou meat laid out on it, and an ulu in the right corner.

The Arctic Arts Summit’s Knowledge Creators Next program brings together northern Indigenous postsecondary students, young activists and emerging professionals to attend the Summit. United by their shared interests in the arts, culture and climate, the Knowledge Creators Next participants have been invited to share their perspectives and insights on the in-person conversations and events as they happen this week, as well as their ideas for possible paths forward towards the next Summit. Participants in the Knowledge Creators Next (KCN) program will be sharing their daily reflections—in the form of tweets, photographs, poems, sketches, videos or other short responses—on the Arctic Arts Summit’s digital platform and across social media. 

With mentorship from the digital platform content provider, Inuit Art Foundation, and others, KCN participants will be sharing their insights and experiences online to support global engagement with the Summit. On the last day of the Summit, a number of KCN participants will also contribute to the closing panel, reflecting back to Summit participants what they have heard, seen and learned, and what we should collectively be bringing forward to support them in the future, as the next generation of circumpolar knowledge creators.

Finally, on the day after the Summit concludes and Adäka Cultural Festival begins, we are hosting a gathering for all KCN participants to come together and share their vision for circumpolar collaboration going forward.

View the responses from KCN participants below:

A picture of an acrylic painting installed on the white walls of a gallery. The painting shows a close-up of a pair of hands pulling a needle and thread through two blue beads.
Jessica Winters, Auntie teaching Me to Make Earrings (2022) in the exhibition TETHER (2022). Acrylic on paper.

June 27

We Gathered As Family
Variations on the theme from the poem The Creamation of Sam Mcgee, by Robert W. Service.

Community Connections as Creative Inspiration
Coming together and reigniting creativity. 

Artwork That Inspires
How Jessica Winters’ painting inspires other Inuit. 

A Reminder of Inuit Hospitality: Meeting Goretti Kakuktinniq
Friendship among strangers? Two Inuit women met for the first time and immediately went for lunch!

The Midnight Sky: Visual Art of Climate Change from a Youth’s Perspective
How a plane landing on a particularly sunny evening made me rethink my place in the world. 

Tether Exhibition Youth Gallery
Outside the Tether Exhibition was a heartwarming Youth Gallery.

Modern Inuit in a Modern World
Arctic Arts Summit participants are invited to contemplate new perspectives!

Interconnecting across lands and nations in the Arctic. 

A sketch of a group of five panelists seated and speaking together into microphones on a stage, overlaid with the text of this article.

June 28

The Power of Language
How language revitalization and protection connect us to our culture.

Giving Yourself Permission to Be
Community support for being your true self. 

Safety Starts at Home
Jennifer Qupanuaq May from Kujjuaq, Nunavik discusses how poor internet connection affects Inuit in remote communities. 

Revitalizing Culture
A panel discussing small steps towards bringing back culture makes me more determined to learn about my culture.

Recurring themes across lands, nations, languages and cultures. 

Extending our Practices: Leveraging Technologies to Share our Stories
Making new connections, reconnecting and feeling empowered. 

Drawing Strength from Community
Communication, self advocacy and management in the arts field.